NHM issue: DAK pen down on Monday


Doctors Association Kashmir President Dr Suhail Naik on Friday in a communiqué said that National Health Mission (NHM) Employees are protesting for their legitimate and genuine demands since past 2 weeks but it seems Government is in deep slumber and instead of making a policy regarding their issues Government is using authoritarian approach by lathi-charging the employees in which female employees are also not spared but are even manhandled.

“We condemn this approach of Government towards democratically protesting employees in the strongest possible words,” Dr Naik said.

Dr Naik further said that “the authorities are presenting a rosy picture in front of Govt.  vis a vis present Health Dept. scenario but the fact is totally in contrast. Due to the shortage of staff working capacity of regular staff is being stretched beyond human limits as they are being kept on night duty roster every second day which is humanly impossible and is against the National law. Even leaves of regular staff have been cancelled which is the “right” of every employee.

Regular staff is excessively overburdened at present and are working beyond their normal capacity. If the Govt. doesn’t   take any concrete steps in solving the NHM Employees issue the time is not far off when the whole Govt. Health Dept. machinery will collapse.

A 2-hour pen down strike from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM on 08/Jan/2018 on Monday will be observed.

DAK has demanded the government to make a policy regarding NHM employees issues so that justice is served to them otherwise we will have no other option but to aggravate further protests.


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