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Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Nirmal Singh on Thursday informed the House Since 2008 NHPC has paid Rs 51.94 crore to State Power Development Corporation as the value of one percent free power (110.50 MUs ) it owes from its various power Projects in the state.

Replying to a question of legislator Jeevan Lal, the Deputy Chief Minister said it includes Rs 19 crore for Uri-II, Rs 16.33 crore for Sewa-II, Rs 8.85 crore for Nimo-Bazgo and Rs.7.76 crore for Chutak. The Deputy Chief Minister said that the funds received are used for Local Area Development.

He further said that as a mandatory requirement, the Power Development Department is in the process of framing a roadmap for effecting the implementation of LADF scheme in affected areas of Basholi Tehsil.


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