NIT Row: Rasheed Demands Arrest of Non-Locals Indicted in FIR



NIT Students

Demanding immediate arrest and stern action against those non-local students who have been booked in the FIR by J&K Police for pelting stones and damaging public property at NIT independent lawmaker, Er Rasheed Thursday asked New Delhi based media and various political parties especially Congress to “stop defending the un-defendable and unlawful activities of a group of students in NIT”.

In a statement issued today, he said, “majority of these miscreants are under the perception and rightly so that whole of India including the national media is at their back and they are above the law but need to remind that false propaganda has to fall sooner or later.”

“Police should discharge its duty without succumbing under pressure and arrest those who have been found taking law in their own hands. While one could understand the venom being spread against Kashmiris and J&K Police, so-called secular parties like Congress are trying to prove more anti-Kashmiri and anti-Muslim in the race of scoring political points at national level. Congress should stop playing dubious politics and understand that there has been always a huge gap between the sayings and doings of this party. In Kashmir, they cry BJP of being communal but in Jammu and other parts of India they accuse communal BJP of being soft on Kashmiris and always try to prove more patriotic than the BJP for which the only yard stick has been made beating, disgracing, humiliating and ignoring Kashmiris,” he added.


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