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KU Protest 1

After National Institute of Technology (NIT) was closed sine die on Friday following beating of Kashmiri students and a courier boy by non-local students, scores of students at University of Kashmir Saturday held strong anti-India protests.

Reports reaching here said that students raising pro-freedom slogans denounced the alleged action by non-local students at NIT.

Following humiliating defeat of Indian cricket team late last Thursday night, Kashmiri students had celebrated the win of West Indies cricket team in a thriller world T20 semi-final.

KU Solidarity March

On Friday, the non-local students took out a march inside Nit campus with flying tri-colour damaging the college infrastructure. The videos which came to fore showed non-locals even damaging the private vehicles stationed inside the premises. The students raised anti-Pakistan and pro-India slogans as well.

The University of Kashmir students took out a march inside the campus and sought action against the accused students. “No IIT, No IIM, we want freedom,” slogans were heard from the protesting students.

“It was a solidarity march,” a KU student said, “we demand strict action against those who beat Kashmiri students at NIT.”

KU Protest

Supporting his claim, he added, “there are pictures on internet which clearly show that non-locals are holding iron rods and beating locals.”

The University of Kashmir and NIT campuses are located just 100 metres away from each other at Hazratbal here.

The students further demanded that an FIR should be registered forthwith and same should be made public.

Meanwhile, heavy security measures have been taken in and outside both of the campuses.


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