No dialogue going on with New Delhi: Hurriyat (M)

KL Report


Reacting sharply to the statement of Indian Minister of State for Home Affairs R P N Singh in the Parliament of India that the government of India was talking with the Hurriyat leadership, Hurriyat Conference (M) spokesman has said that the Minister’s statement was misleading and made with a malicious intention to malign the image of Hurriyat Leadership as well as to hoodwink the public opinion here and abroad.

According to a statement, the Hurriyat (M) said where as it was the considered policy of Hurriyat that the resolution of Kashmir issue lies in the implementation of UN resolutions or through a dialogue among the main stake holders i.e. people of Kashmir, India and Pakistan, the statement of Minister in Indian Parliament was far from truth. The spokesman has said that at present no dialogue is going on between Hurriyat and New Delhi. Hurriyat believes in transparency with regard to dialogue and whenever we met Indian or Pakistani leadership it was done before the full public gaze and in a transparent manner.

The spokesman further said that the statement of the minister was self contradictory. The minister has said that “Mirwaiz met a former intelligence officer in November 2013” but added further “the government was not aware of the deliberations of the meeting”. The Spokesman said that meeting prominent people, intellectuals, journalists and diplomats was part of Hurriyat agenda to make efforts to find a peaceful solution of Kashmir dispute. In pursuance to this policy Hurriyat Leaders met A. S Dulat, former Intelligence Officer, in New Delhi in November 2013 and the leadership informed the Hurriyat rank and file and also the people in general about this meeting. By saying that “the government was not aware of the deliberations of the meeting”, it has been admitted by the Minister that the officer was not meeting Hurriyat on behalf of the government.

The spokesman said that Hurriyat was not shy of dialogue and whenever Hurriyat feels that the possibility of a purposeful dialogue to settle the dispute of Jammu and Kashmir permanently arises, the Hurriyat will not hesitate to participate.


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