Technical Board students during protest in Srinagar. (Photo: Bilal Bahadur/KL)
Technical Board students during protest in Srinagar. (Photo: Bilal Bahadur/KL)

Official negligence continues to take toll on students of polytechnique colleges even as Technical Board seems to have learnt no lesson from fallout of Adnan Hilal – a 17-year-old student who committed suicide following poor results which later turned out to be a ‘mistake’ by evaluators.

Students from different colleges Saturday alleged that Board recently announced results for Kashmir division with just 3% of candidates passing the exams of first, second, third and fourth semesters.

By contrast, 65% results were announced for Jammu division. Students alleged Board has failed almost 97% of students including the 70% who are detained and cannot appear in examinations.

“They have a very pathetic mechanism of checking papers,” a student told Kashmir Life. “They hire inexperienced contractual teachers to check papers for Rs 7 per paper checked. The normal rate is 10 Rs but the evaluated has to be very experienced.”

As a result, students alleged, the evaluators was tasked to check some 4000 papers a day. “For God sake tells us how an evaluator can check so many papers with unfailingly?” students asked.

The students demanded that their papers must be rechecked in Jammu. They also demanded the colleges to scale back the fee hike for re-evaluation. “The Board has fixed the rate of re-evaluation for just Rs 60 but colleges are asking us to pay Rs 250,” students said.

The students also alleged that teachers were asking bribes in return of getting them passed.

“We have not received any formal complaint other than some verbal complaints in this regard,” said Shubnum Kamili, Director State Board of Technical Education. “We are planning to take a suo moto action in the matter and are planning to seek information from different colleges regarding their poor performance.”

Kamili said the ministry is planning to revamp the department and take all the necessity measures to improve the department.


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