No need of Political Science, ask your conscience why you lost: Geelani tells Omar Abdullah

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Terming the grief of National Conference and happiness of PDP with regard to the election drama as ‘meaningless and irrelevant’, chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani said that the ‘real success’ actually goes to pro-freedom people and the election boycott of the huge majority of people has proven that there are ‘few days’ left with the pro-Indian parties in Kashmir and now they can’t befool the people for long by their wicked policies.

While commenting over the statement of Omar Abdullah in which he had said that he wants ‘to know the reason from the public for his party’s rout in Lok Sabha Elections, Geelani in a statement issued on Monday said, “there is no need to go through the political science or examining minute things for the answer. It is a common issue and everybody is fully aware of it.”

“Omar Abdullah should ask his own conscience in solitude and he should examine the reasons and circumstances for his party’s loss. If he will think with cool mind then he can get the answer that after long 50 years, Kashmiri people have now recognized the real face of National Conference and this party has vandalized the nation and unlashed worst kind of atrocities on Kashmiri people which have hurt everybody here and everyone is feeling its pain and agony.”

He said that the National Conference has played always a ‘negative role’ in the history of Kashmir and it pushed the state of Jammu and Kashmir into “slavery of India which is their historic blunder and then during the plebiscite movement the people were about to forget their faults, but in 1975 they once again deceived Kashmiri people and sold all the sacrifices of nation for their chair.”

“Majority of people of Kashmir are simple and kind hearted so the people were in dark about the sellout of 1975 for a very long time because it was unbelievable for them that a man who recited Surah Al-Rehman and Surah Yaseen will deceive them in such a way,” Geelani said.

“World has progressed a lot now and our nation have not only understood the filthy role of this party in the past but they have also discovered a real cruel and unkind face of Omar Abdullah and Farooq Abdullah that how can they wage a war against its own people for merely power. Farooq Abdullah backstabbed the freedom movement of Kashmir in 1996 and he has on records said that the youth should be shot on sight instead of arresting them, because we have no space left in jails,” he said.

“If Farooq Abdullah is the murderer of Mohammad Maqbool Bhat, his son has also played a very important role in hanging Mohammad Afzal Guru thus keeping the tradition alive and in 2010 Omar Abdullah killed 128 innocent students and detained about 3,000 youth in jails, which made the people to run out of patience and made them to hate this party. Despite these facts, if Omar Abdullah still wants to know the reasons of his defeat then he should leave this politics and try his luck in any other profession and he should join some other line.

Geelani maintained, “very few people cast their votes in the election drama and PDP should never misunderstand it as their victory, because this is actually hatred and anti-national and anti-people policies of National Conference which have forced few people to vote PDP and nothing else.”

“While thanking Kashmiri people particularly youth for their ideal election boycott from the core of his heart, Geelani said it is very pleasing that a huge majority of people listened to their conscious and boycotted the election drama despite tremendous pressure and force. The people of Kashmir have proved that they have understood the negative impacts of this exercise and they are fully aware of India’s wicked policies of using this military operation in the name of elections in international forums against the freedom movement of Kashmir,” the statement said.

It added that if anybody have ‘succeeded in 2014 election drama’, “they are pro-freedom people not any pro-Indian party and this self conscious of the people will be very beneficial for the future of our freedom movement.”

The statement further said, “the celebrations of PDP over the election results are meaningless and unrealistic. This party is not any role model for Kashmiris nor has this party any vote bank in Kashmir, while as the victory of PDP over its rivals is not any support or favor of public but it is the reaction of people to the anti-national policies of National Conference.”

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