No One can Scrap Article 370: Mir

KL Report


DPN chief and former MLA Gulmarg Ghulam Hassan Mir Tuesday claimed that no one in Government of India (GOI) can touch the Article 370 and state’s unique status is being used by vested interests to meet the political ends.

Mir while talking to KNS said that Article 370, which provides unique status to Jammu and Kashmir, can in no way be scrapped from the constitution and that it is being used by parties with politics over it being played at large scale.

“I can tell you with all certainty that no one even in GOI can touch Article 370. It is being used for the political purposes here but the people here must know that no one has the ability and power to abrogate JK’s special status,” Mir said.

Pertinently, Article 370 debate is taking new momentum in JK amid the hung house accorded by the people of Jammu and Kashmir after the state elections of 2014.  The largest party that emerged after polls was PDP with 28 seats but its joining hands with the BJP that has 25 seats is witnessing roadblocks due to party’ stand on state’s unique status.

Mir, who served as the Agriculture minister in the cabinet of Omar Abdullah led coalition stated that JK is a secular state with the respect of all the regions and all faiths guaranteed by the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir.

He maintained further that the political parties sans any delay should take immediate measures for the formation of the government as there is a serious scarcity of basic needs felt by the people. He maintained that the parties who have been given mandate by the people must rise above the traditional politics and should try to mitigate the sufferings of the people of the state at an earliest.

He said that the state is in the dire need of the good governance that could deliver on ground and that after the polls, people must be given authority to rule the state through the respective representatives.

“I believe that the time demands immediate redressed of peoples’ woes and for same parties must come forward for the making of the effective government.”


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