No Profiteering, Kashmir Medical Equipment Traders Supply 100 Concentrators To Maharashtra

SRINAGAR: In the ongoing crisis, the medical equipment supply groups have doubled the costs of various emergency items. The massive demand and the limited supply is another key factor that has started deciding the equipment desperately sought by the hospitals and the market.

But some traders refuse to be swallowed by greed in times of desperation.

A Srinagar-based local medical equipment dealer helped Aid Workers in Maharashtra by supplying 100 Oxygen Concentrators at the price, which he procured these machines in winter when the price of Oxygen Equipment all across India had bottomed out. Without taking advantage of the shortages in the market and widespread profiteering being done on Oxygen Equipment throughout India, these business owners from Kashmir showed compassion and character by not profiteering on medical emergency equipment.

“Suppliers in Delhi who earlier offered Oxygen Concentrators, for ₹38 to ₹45 thousand apiece are quoting a new price: ₹75 to ₹85 thousand apiece and the waiting period is 2 weeks,” Mohammad Afaaq Sayeed, who is associated with SRO Batamaloo, wrote on his Facebook wall. “And Kashmiri dealers who had Oxygen Concentrators in stock sold the same to Aid Organisation of Maharashtra for ₹42 to ₹44 thousand only. More than 100 machines sent to Maharashtra from Kashmir.”

Insiders who are aware of the development said that the particular concern had procured almost 250 concentrators last fall. However, the supply got delayed and reached Srinagar at a time when the hospitals and the NGOs had already purchased their requirements. It was early April when a Maharashtra NGO approached them pleading that they are getting concentrators at a huge cost. The group agreed to supply at no additional cost.

Maharashtra was the first place in India that witnessed the return of the virus at a frightening pace. India has already lost 1.86 lakh people to Cvid-19 as around 2.4 million are battling for their lives.


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