No re-poll if majority exercises NOTA: SC

KL Report

New Delhi

The Supreme Court on Monday, refused to direct the Election Commission to hold fresh polls in case the majority of the electorate exercises ‘None Of The Above Option’ (NOTA) option recently introduced on its direction to allow voters to reject all the candidates.

A bench headed by Chief Justice P Sathasivam said it is for the legislature to amend the law as it is too early to pass such a direction.

It observed that NOTA has been introduced recently and it has to be seen how the people respond to it.

The court refused to entertain a PIL filed by one Jaggan Nath, seeking its direction to the Commission not to declare the results if the majority of electorate goes for the NOTA option in the electronic voting machine (EVM).

The court had on September 27 had given the path-breaking verdict, holding that the voters have a right to reject all candidates contesting polls in a constituency by pressing NOTA, a button for negative vote.

It had said this would compel political parties to field “sound” candidates who are known for their integrity.

The apex court had said that there was a “dire need” of negative voting which will bring “systemic change” in the election process as “the political parties will be forced to accept the will of the people” and field clean candidates when a large number of people express their disapproval with the candidates being put up by them.


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