‘No UNSC Seat For India Unless It Resolves Kashmir’



Afzal Khan.
Afzal Khan.

European parliament member Afzal Khan has said India cannot get permanent UN Security Council (UNSC) membership unless it resolves Kashmir.

Khan—the EU security and defence committee vice-chairman—said PM Modi’s Pakistan bonhomie was a part of his efforts to get permanent membership to the UNSC for India.

“India cannot get an advantage from such efforts,” Khan quoted by Dawn online said, “unless it ensured human rights and resolved issues such as Kashmir.”

While stating that the European Union has linked human rights with trade—so it will never allow India to continue violating human rights, Khan said “how can a country become a permanent member of the UNSC when it has not implemented the UN resolution on the issue of Kashmir”.

“India has to respect the UN resolution if it wants to continue claiming that it is the largest democracy.”


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