‘Nocturnal Terrorism By Unknown Elements Costs Life In South Kashmir’

KL Report


A 55-year-old woman died of a cardiac arrest after unknown elements allegedly pelted stones on several residential houses at Kuthar, Nowgam village in South Kashmir’s Islamabad district Sunday evening.

Hassena Begum, wife of Ghulam Nabi Bhat, resident of Bhat Mohalla in Islamabad district died of cardiac arrest after stones were pelted on her house by some unknown persons last evening.

“We were asleep when some unknown persons simultaneously started screaming and hurling stones on our roof and knocking our door. We rushed up to see from window but my wife got scared and fell down abruptly,” Haseena’s husband Ghulam Nabi Bhat told GNS.

He said that after hearing hues and cries, locals came to our house and shifted her to hospital. “But she died on spot,” he said.

The locals held that they complained the matter of unknown persons creating havoc in the area to Police last week but “They (Police) didn’t take the matter seriously and such things continue in the area,” the locals said, adding that had Police been serious in this case, the incident would have not cost Hassena’s life.

Muhammad Shafi, a witness to the incident told GNS that about 11 pm he heard some unknown persons calling and abusing him when he was returning from cowshed. “When I shouted back and placed my torch on them they ran away to the nearby 21-FAD army camp,” Shafi said.

Meanwhile, locals on Monday staged a protest in the area against the incident and demanded exposing of unknown persons involved in terrorizing people during late night hours. However, a senior Police official said the woman died owing to prolonged cardiac illness and there are reports that unknown persons are hurling stones on the roofs in late hours.


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