Noora Hospital performs ‘first Bariatic surgery’ in Kashmir

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In a first, an advanced laparoscopic Bariatric surgery was last week performed at Noora Hospital, a private hospital, in Srinagar, doctors in the hospital claimed.

The surgeons who operated upon a patient claimed that the surgery was first of its kind in Kashmir and could induce weight loss up to 50 percent of the original.

A team of doctors led by laparoscopic surgeon Dr Syed Rafiq Simnani performed “very advanced” laparoscopic surgery called “Laparoscopic Bariatric surgery”.

“The procedure was done through 4 small holes for over 2 hours using the world’s best laparoscopic staplers without using any knife, scissor or sutures inside the abdomen,” A statement of the hospital issued here reads.

The public relations department of the Hospital while giving details of the uses of the surgery said, “The procedure is done to reduce weight by about 30% to 50% or more in those patients who suffer from extreme weight and obesity hampering their day to day activities.”

In addition, they said, “It could avert weight induced health issues such as diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, non-alcoholic fatty liver hepatitis and sleep apnea to name a few.”

The patient undergoing the surgery “weighed 115 kg of weight, with a height of 5 feet”.

The surgical procedure was followed by a “Bariatric Surgical Update” in which surgeons from SMHS Hospital, SK Institute of Medical Sciences Soura and SKIMS Medical College Hospital and many more surgeons from the Kashmir Health Services participated, said the doctor.


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