Not Opposed to Talks, says Hurriyat (g), Kashmir Should be Core Agenda



Reacting to the meeting of foreign secretaries of India and Pakistan, All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) said that it is neither opposed to the talks process nor are they against the pleasant relationship between India and Pakistan but the stand of Hurriyat is that Kashmir issue should be the core and prime agenda between the two countries, a party statement issued here said.

“Until Kashmir issue is resolved in and accordance to the wishes and sacrifices of its people, these meetings and dialogues will fetch nothing concrete and nor can it help in changing the prevailing political uncertainty and instability in the Asian Sub-continent.”

Hurriyat spokesman said that the two-party dialogues have been a routine now since last 60 years and this process had been repeated some 150 times till now but all these dialogues and talks processes have failed to eliminate the trust deficit between the two nations and nor had they succeeded in establishing a pleasant relation with each other. “Three full scale wars had caused a heavy loss of precious human lives on both the sides and the armies of the two neighboring countries are always in war gear.”

The Hurriyat statement further read that the governments of India and Pakistan can’t bypass the Kashmir issue because it is not any border dispute between the two countries which could be solved by mere give and take between the two nations. “It is the issue of the future of more than 15 million Kashmiri people and both these nations have promised on international forums that no readymade or outside solution will be thrusted upon the Kashmiri people but the final say will belong to the people of the state and both India and Pakistan are bound to accept the people’s decision.”

Hurriyat Conference appealed to the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan to shun their traditional and customary ways and take bold steps towards the lasting and dignified solution of the long pending Kashmir dispute.


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