Not satisfied with SMC’s sanitation drive in Srinagar: Hyderabad Mayor

KL Report


Maintaining that Srinagar is on the brink of water borne diseases, the mayor of Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Tuesday said that if immediate steps are not taken on the war footing basis, the outcome will be dangerous in near future.

Talking to KNS, Mohammad Majid Husain, acting mayor of Hyderabad stated that he is on visit to valley at present and what he has observed on ground was not satisfactory. “I daily travel near Dalgate areas of Srinagar. I am seeing the garbage heaps not removed from that place from the last five days. I mean you cannot clean Srinagar while adopting such measures. You have to take certain important decisions while saving people from the possible disaster,” he said.

He added further that the steps being taken by the Srinagar Municipal Corporation in sanitation of the Srinagar city are not enough and the same needs to be widened at a large scale.

Majid Husain asserted further that people from scores of areas have complained of not receiving even a single bottle of Phenyl. “There are various areas including the city centre Lal chowk wherein people themselves are cleaning their houses. The situation is really dangerous and of SMC doesn’t take appropriate measures; it could turn dreadful any time.”

Hyderabad city Mayor also maintained that SMC cannot go by the rule book at present when worst hit floods have taken place in valley. “This is not the routine work. It has to prioritize on war footing basis or else several deadly water borne disease would take a toll.”


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