Now NC moves adjournment motion; Serious about return of Afzal’s body: Nasir

KL Report


Asserting that the National Conference is serious about return of Muhammad Afzal Guru’s body to his family, National Conference Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani said the party had moved an adjournment motion in the state assembly seeking discussion on the issue.

“NC is serious about getting the body of Afzal back for which we brought an adjournment motion in the Assembly today on which five NC MLA’s have signed. We have submitted it to the Speaker and he has asked us for time till tomorrow. I hope we will be given enough chance to discuss this issue”, Wani told KNS.

Castigating PDP for what he called hypocritical politics, the former Mos Home said, “ Our motive is very clear and we are serious about it. Unlike PDP we don’t want to indulge in making the galleries happy. Our chief Minister Omar Abdullah has already written a letter to Prime minster on 19 February wherein he has strongly pleaded for the return of Afzals remains”.

Calling PDP a power hungry party, Nasir said the party’s track record shows how PDP waits for an opportunity to come to power. “They speak neither against the congress nor the government of India but only against national conference whenever they find an opportunity”, said Nasir.

In response to a question regarding the killing of a NC Surpanch in Kalentra village of Baramullah District Nasir Said, “To be frank he was killed and killed by a gun and many of our cadres in past were killed by militants. There is a possibility that he too might have been shot by militants. But nothing can be said with surety till investigations are completed”.


  1. Then why PDP was not allowed to move the same ?Second ,PDP has the right to target NC bcz NC heads the coalition .If NC is sincere about Afzal’s case why they dont withdraw from the coalition bcz Congress is fully responsible for Afzal’s hanging .Even the people are silent about Congress and not a single leader of congress from Kashmir is being cursed by the people .Congress leaders from kashmir so smoothly as if they dont know anything about Afzal .They are the main culprits .Where is Soz ,where is Gani Vakil ,where is Azad ?They have not uttered even a single word about Afzal .Curse on the people who follow congress leaders in kashmir .


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