Now, wedding ceremonies in Kashmir resound with folk songs praising slain Burhan

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Five and a half months after Hizbul Mujahideen Commander Burhan Muzzaffar Wani was killed in Bemdoora village of southern Kashmir’s Islamabad district, folk songs, poems and eulogies are being penned down in his praise.

The songs and poems are sung at various occasions including wedding ceremonies.

One such video of a wedding ceremony has gone viral on social networking sites including popular sites Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where in folk singers are seen singing a folk song that is based on the life of Wani as a ‘martyr’.

The song recalls the ‘sacrifices’ of slain Burhan for Kashmir.

Written in Urdu, the song has already been viewed and shared by thousands of social networking users. One of the stanzas of the song goes like: “Your Burhan, My Burhan, Shahsavar is our Burhan. In the battlefield, there is only one warrior, our Burhan!”

Besides, there are many such videos of eulogies, poems, folk songs sung in the praise of the slain Hizb commander Burhan Muzzaffar Wani.


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