Demonetization biggest scam of ‘Independent India’: Congress

Aakash Hassan


After forty-nine days passed since demonetization of higher notes, India’s opposition party Congress termed the move as “biggest scam of independent India”.

Speaking to media in Srinagar, Congress national spokesperson Meem Afzal Wednesday termed the demonetization move as ‘surgical-strike’ against common people.

“This is surgical-strike against common masses not against the black money holders,” the spokesperson told media persons.

“The farmers, laborers, shopkeepers, small-scale industries have underwent worst phase. Does that mean these people are holding the black money,” he said.

The Narendra Modi-government scrapped Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denomination notes on November 8. More than hundred people have already succumbed waiting in the long queues.

He alleged that the move was aimed to show off before public while their own people including party were made aware much earlier.

“BJP and their loyalists were made aware in March about the move,” he alleged. “This is a new type of corruption that is running parallel, through banks with the support of BJP.”

He said that more than 10 Crore people have become unemployed due to the move that has turned the promises of “BJP’s development as hoax”.

“PM Modi during elections promised that every year two Crore people will get job but since demonetization 10 Crore have already lost their jobs,” Afzal alleged.

He said that party is working and would not let government go unanswered alleging, “Had congress party taken this move there would have been riots in India.”

Ridiculing Prime Minister’s statement that the situation would turn normal in fifty-days he said, “As per RBI the new currency printing will complete in eight-months and it is impossible that situation will turn normal unless whole cash comes back into the market.”

Meem demanded apology from Prime Minister Modi and compensation for the families of people who died waiting in queues outside banks.


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