The indefinite strike by NRHM medicos has thrown many primary healthcare centres (PHC) across Islamabad district into crises. The shortages of doctors and paramedical staff have created acute problems for the local population. The crises are so worse that some PHC’s are being run solely by dentists during the night.

When Kashmir Life’s reporter visited a PHC in Islamabad’s Aishmuqam village during night hours, a dental surgeon, name withheld, was solely in charge of the centre. “Due to shortages in staff, I was bound to do the night shifts. Otherwise, the hospital would have to be shut down,” the dental surgeon on duty said.

“It becomes difficult for me to manage the hospital and deal with critical-care and trauma patients alone,” he added.

When Kashmir Life contacted BMO Mattan, Dr Mohammad Ashraf Padder, he said that due to the dearth in staff because of NRHM strike, they are forced to put the under trained and not-fit-for-job professionals on the roster. “In absence of doctors due to the NRHM strike, we were forced to put dental surgeons in charge of physicians in the hospital,” said Dr Padder.

Sources told Kashmir Life that due to the dearth of staff other health centres in the adjoining areas witness similar crises.


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