NSA Level Talks Cancellation: ‘Indian Belligerence is Self-Defeating,’ says Nayeem Khan



National Front chairman, Nayeem Ahmad Khan has said that “Indian belligerence and obstinacy to kill Kashmiris” by undermining the pro-freedom leadership only shows fascist, colonial and imperial stance of New Delhi, which can only be dismissed with the disdain it deserves.

In a statement issued here on Sunday, Khan while reacting to the collapse of NSA level talks between India and Pakistan said, “New Delhi was trying to escape from Kashmir dispute and its hue and cry over Kashmiri pro-freedom leaders meeting Pakistan are self-defeating.” “What else is such burning issue as Kashmir, that India and Pakistan need to talk and resolve,” he asked.

“By denying Kashmiris rights the BJP government of New Delhi, thinks it can rest in peace however the reality is far from this. No country in the world which swears by democracy can dictate terms and set pre-conditions to another sovereign state when the basic aim of their dialogue is to settle the core issue,” Khan said.

He said that Kashmiris have shown resilience over the past 68 years and their resolve and “sentiment grows only strong to get liberation from the hegemonistic and colonial control of India and therefore Indian belligerence and short sightedness is nothing but self-defeating”.

“Against all norms of diplomacy and conflict India is trying to bury the core issue of Kashmir, by trying to engage Pakistan in peripheral issues,” he added.

Meanwhile, senior pro-freedom leaders including Hakeem Abdul Rashid President Muslim Democratic League, Mohammad Yousuf Naqash Chairperson Islamic Political Party, and Bilal Sidiqi Chairman of Tehreek-e-Mazhmat in a joint statement in their joint statement “appreciated the role of Pakistan for remaining steadfast in its stand on Kashmir issue which is the bone of contention in the South Asia and Pakistan’s insistence on the inclusion of Hurriyat as the real representative of People stating that Hurriyat leadership participation is key to dialogue between India and Pakistan.”

They reaffirmed, “involvement of Kashmir resistance leadership is key to resolution of Kashmir issue and made it clear that India is running away from talks and adopting brutal tactics against people of Kashmir and is historically responsible for creating many wars and running away from institution of dialogue.”

In another statement, Javaid Ahmad Mir, a Hurriyat (m) constituent expressed disappointment over cancellation of NSA-level talks

He said, “Kashmiris are the main stakeholders to the Kashmir dispute, therefore India should shun its stubbornness and took tangible and concrete steps for the settlement of Kashmir issue.”

“Indian ruling dispensation is responsible for failure of NSA talks between India and Pakistan. Kashmiri people have given lots of sacrifices for their Right of Self Determination. It’s very unfortunate that BJP Govt has once again shown its rigidity by demanding talks be confined to discussing terror. The two countries can’t discuss Kashmir issue without Kashmiris. BJP double standard and rigidity is no way out. We are dismayed over the mounting tensions between the two countries over NSA level talks, The BJP Led Govt at the centre is violating the concept of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, adding, Kashmiri people are not scape goats, history is witness to the fact that bilateral talks have always ended up in Failure,” Mir added.

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