NSA Level Talks: ‘Shun Traditional Way, Time to Address Root Cause,’ Geelani says




Commenting over the meeting of the National Security Advisors of India and Pakistan in Bangkok Thailand and their agreement to take forward the talks, Chairperson All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) Syed Ali Geelani Monday said that until and unless India and Pakistan won’t take bold steps on Kashmir, no “breakthrough is possible between the two neighbouring nations”.

“No conscious person can be averse to the dialogue process but it will be wise to first look at the causes of the failures of the talks which are going on from last 6 decades between the two countries and a serious efforts should be made to address those causes which are creating problems in establishing the trust and pleasant relationship between the two nations,” he said in a party statement this evening. “Until the India and Pakistan will take bold steps in resolving the Kashmir issue in accordance to the wishes and sacrifices of its people, we can neither expect any break through from the talks in future nor can it bring any considerable change in the mutual relationship of the two countries.”

The Hurriyat amalgam head who remains under house detention said, “the rulers of India and Pakistan should in no way neglect this reality that both these countries had held more than 150 rounds of talks from 1947 till date and have also signed many two party agreements in those dialogues but no dramatic change in the relationship between these two big military powers of South Asia have occurred. At one movement, they talk of friendship and peace and at the very next movement they train guns at each other and talk about the war and hatred. The prime ministers of the two neighbouring countries today hold meeting and the next day the two armies are seen exchanging bullets with each other.”

“The traditional way of talks have happened too much times and it is enough now and the rulers of the two nations should accept some change in their customary attitudes and it is now time to address the root cause which is bigger than any other issue between the two neighbours and which is stopping the two neighbours to share pleasant relationship,” he said. “The issue which was born due to the lack of forethought and selfishness of the British, Indian rulers and the Kashmiri leadership at the time of partition is still a living reality in 2015 and this is that big reason which has caused destructive wars between the two countries which resulted in huge loss of life and property on both the sides and due to which the whole South Asian region is suffering from uncertain and political instable situations. India had also used every effort to resolve the Kashmir issue with the help of its military might but it could not succeed in this poly. Kashmiris were against the Indian forced military occupation from the very beginning and after 68 years of the occupation, they are still struggling against this forced rule.”

The pro-freedom added, “the time has come when India have to shun its rigidity and stubbornness and adopt a democratic approach towards the Kashmir and have to show seriousness and boldness in solving the Kashmir dispute once for all. Until India will shun its meaningless rhetoric of integral part and accepts the seriousness of the Kashmir issue, till then India-Pakistan dialogues will yield nothing concrete. On the one hand this country is approaching for talks and on the other hand there is no let-up in the atrocities and sufferings of the Kashmiris. State continues to lose precious human lives. Hundreds of political activists and youths continue to remain in different prisons and the political activities of the pro-freedom people have been completely banned. Even their breaths are under the surveillance and their citizen rights are being brutally violated. The Jammu & Kashmir has been converted into a major prison and the common people are living in the acute suffocation.”


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