NYC Demands Implementation of Cabinet Order



NYC staging protest in Srinagar on Tuesday.
NYC staging protest in Srinagar on Tuesday.

Hundreds of NYC members Tuesday staged protest demonstrations at Pratap Park here, demanding implementation of cabinet order.

The protestors assembled under the banner of J&K National Youth Corps Association and raised pro-justice slogans.

“At least 6000 youth in the State are craving for the implementation of cabinet order by virtue of which their engagement in education department was accorded sanction. These aggrieved unemployed youth are running from pillar to post to get the order implemented,” said Asif Bhat, president of the Association.

“State government had accorded sanction to the engagement of 6000 youth, engaged in 2010 under National Youth Corps, vide order no. 737-EDU- of 2014 dated October 22, 2014,” he added.

Seconding him, another protestor, Shabnum said that around 8000 youth in JK were employed by the government under the National Service Volunteer Scheme in 2010. Under this scheme, they were eligible to serve up to two years but later the government utilized them for other jobs on the same honorarium of Rs 2500 per month.

The State government accorded sanction to their engagement in education department and decided to post them in various government schools which were upgraded through the same cabinet order.

“The cabinet order brought smile on our lips and delight in thousands of families. However, the happiness was short lived as authorities never implemented the order,” said a group of protestors.

They added that the cabinet had also approved the implications of Rs 39.60 crores for the implementation of the order.

“Authorities tell us to wait for the formation of next government when we approach them for implementation of cabinet order,” they said.

They alleged that authorities are insensitive towards their genuine demand and are ignoring the plight of these unemployed youth.

“We have also brought the matter into the notice of Governor NN Vohra. We also tried to call upon him, however till date we could not get the appointment,” they added.

Appealing authorities to implement the cabinet order, they said: “We are unable to serve our poor families as we have no other source of income. Once we are engaged, happiness would return to thousands of families who are currently suffering due to non-implementation of the cabinet order.”


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