Governor Stresses Research, Innovations in Animal Husbandry Sector




Governor NN Tuesday Vohra inaugurated the 39th Annual Congress of “Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery (ISVS) ” and National Symposium on “Recent Innovations in Diagnosis and Treatment of Surgical Disorders in Ruminants and Equines with Particular Applicability in Hilly Terrain” at the SK University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology -Kashmir (SKUAST-K) here.

The event has been organized by the Veterinary Surgery and Radiology Division, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry (FVSc & AH), SKUAST-Kashmir, an official statement said this evening

The Governor observed that given the vast area of the State, suitable climate, availability of good pasture lands and a large community which has invaluable knowledge and experience spread over centuries, of breeding horses, sheep and cattle, no more time should be lost in fully harnessing the available potential of the Animal Husbandry sector.

Vohra stressed the importance of initiating extensive research work and innovations in this sector for the overall benefit to the economy of the State and upliftment of the farmers. He exhorted the scientists of the SKUAST to do extensive research work in this field for promoting the prosperity of the State and its farmers.

He appreciated the various steps recently initiated by the Department of Animal Husbandry under the guidance of Sajad Gani Lone and particularly lauded the initiative of establishing hatchery for strengthening the Poultry sector in the State.

The Governor presented Awards to the Veterinary Scientists and experts for their outstanding contributions in this field and released a Compendium on the occasion.

The Governor congratulated the students of the SKUAST-K for doing well at the national level competitions and securing prestigious scholarships and fellowships. He urged them, after pursuing higher studies, to return to the State for advancing the animal husbandry sector.

Sajad Gani Lone spoke about various programmes and initiatives launched by his Ministry in the past six months for the development of Animal Husbandry in the State.


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