Observe August 15 as Black Day: Yasin Malik



Fourth Group:  Headed by Ashfaq, Malik crossed over to ‘Azad Kashmir’ for arms training.
Yasin Malik

Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front, JKLF chairman Yasin Malik Tuesday paid tributes to the deceased leader Sheikh Abdul Aziz on his 6th death anniversary, appealing Kashmiris to observe 15th August as Black Day.

Aziz was allegedly killed by Indian Paramilitary Forces on August 11, 2008 while leading a peaceful public demonstration against the ‘economic blockade’ on Kashmir valley.

While paying tributes to Aziz, Malik said that he was a man of will and dedication who strived for the cause of Kashmir till his last breath. Malik termed Aziz as a thorough gentleman, freedom lover and selfless leader whose martyrdom had strengthened the peaceful revolution in Kashmir. “…this nation will always remember him and his sacrifices,” he said in an official press release.

Malik said that in 1947 the Indian sub-continent got freedom from the British rule and India also got freedom on 15th August 1947. “India gained this freedom after enormous sacrifices and struggle. For achieving freedom Indian nation sacrificed its thousands of men, women and tolerated torture and oppression at the hands of British. The sacrifices given by this nation for freedom should have been enough motivation for the nation and its leadership to recognize and honour the freedom of other nations,” he said.

Malik said that India should have been a torch bearer of freedom and champion of human rights but rued that it has become totally opposite. “Only few days after getting its freedom Indian nation overpowered a tiny nation called Kashmir and with its military might snatch its freedom and subjugated its people,” he said. Malik noted that India subjected Kashmiri to same oppression, tyranny and inhuman treatment that was being done to her by British.

He said that when Kashmiri’s resisted this forced domination, India went to United Nations and promised before the whole world that Kashmiris will be provided a chance to choose their fate.

“Even India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru promised the same in India parliament and Lal Chowk Srinagar while addressing people,” he said. “But when Kashmiri’s tried to remind India of its promises, they were and are being subjected to worst kind of oppression.”

Malik said that Kashmiris are freedom-loving people “but a nation that has snatched our freedom and has subjugated us and oppressed our tiny poor nation, should realize that it has no right to do so,” he said while adding that for this very purpose Kashmiri’s living across the globe must remember 15th August as a black day. Malik said that by observing complete shutdown on the day, Kashmiris will reiterate their commitment towards the freedom struggle.

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