Observe Doctors’ Day As A Black Day In Protest: MEJAF


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b...The Medical Employees’ Joint Action Forum (MEJAF) has decided to observe the doctors’ day as a black day.

“In a meeting of Medical Employees Joint Action Forum (MEJAF) held under the chairmanship of Dr Nisar-ul-Hassan on 30/06/2013, it has been unanimously decided to celebrate doctor’s day on July 1st  2013  as black day. Arrest of Dr Nisar-ul-Hassan president DAK and chairman MEJAF was unconstitutional, undemocratic, illegal and gross human rights violation”, the MEJAF spokesman said in a statement issued here adding “It exposes the tall claims of India being the largest democracy of world. We were protesting against the state backed phenomenon/conspiracy of supplying fake drugs to government run hospitals, where in the minister and other higher official were hand in glove and directly involved in the scam. Despite that, no action was taken; instead they were projected as heroes by their peers. People of Valley were going to the hospitals with a hope to get treated but instead were given poison in the form of fake drugs in a planed way. This has wounded the souls of people of Kashmir and we have no reason to celebrate DOCTORS DAY”.

He said the atrocities inflicted by police on doctors by arresting them time and again, is barbaric and brutal and it is safe to conclude that Kashmir is a police state and police state is a lawless state. “Police is doing it against the honorable Supreme Court judgment where in they cannot arrest any doctor unless proved guilty by an expert panel”.

“Despite doctors working in hard and primitive conditions, they are projected as villains breaking the age old bond between patients and doctors. Government is doing it purposely to camouflage their wrongdoings and cover up their inefficiencies. In this modern era Govt. is not able to give quality care services to people. To round up doctors in hospitals are uncomfortable and people are suffering in this messy health care scenario. Unless and until we have a comprehensive health care policy where in doctors are comfortable, hospitals are upgraded and People are taken care of; till then we have no reason to celebrate DOCTORS DAY”, the statement said.

“We urge doctors and paramedics to wear black badges / bands 0n July 1st 2013 to protest against the atrocities by state government on doctors and paramedics and appeal to whole medical fraternity to boycott any celebration on July 1”, it added.



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