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Aasiyeh Andrabi

Dukhtaran-e-Millat chairperson Syedah Aasiyah Andrabi on Wednesday said that Feb 9, 10 and 11 should be observed as “Tajdeed-e-Ahad” to further our resolve to safeguard the sacrifices of the people of Kashmir and not to make a sellout of our martyrs.

In a statement on the death anniversaries of Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhat, Aasiyeh Andrabi said that the crux of organizing seminars, conferences and discussions on the death anniversaries of the two “martyrs” is to remember how the oppressor without fair trail and evidence sent our heroes to the gallows. “This speaks about the height of oppression,” she said.

She said that the only “sin” committed by the two was that they never “compromised” on the fact that Kashmir was never a part of India. “They never believed that Kashmir was India’s part and were resolute about the same.”

It was because of this “sin” that our youth is being dragged into fabricated cases and then killed in fake encounters or sent to gallows, she said.

She said that the anniversaries remind us of the supreme sacrifices that these “Jawans” of our nation laid. “The struggle for freedom from Indian occupation remains alive by remembering these supreme sacrifices. These days inscribe in us more and more hatred towards India and her stooges,” Andrabi said.

Aasiyah Andrabi said that withholding the personnel belongings of the two “martyrs” is “brutally inhuman” and only a person without a human heart can do this. “This shows us the level of suppression and brutality of India and her state machinery.”

She reaffirmed that the harsh reality for Indians is that Kashmiris can never be Indians. “They are ruling our land at the behest of brute force and that they have never been able to rule our hearts.”

It is just some “stooges” in the form of certain families like Sheikhs, Muftis, Bakhshis that India finds takers in Kashmir. However, she said that history bears testimony to the fact that these “black sheep’s” have always been there.

She further said that during the next two, three days a series of programs in the form of conferences, seminars and discussions would be held world over including Kuwait, America and London. “This leads us to the conclusion that our Tehreek has reached a certain level. There are black sheep’s and they need to be thrown out and will be thrown out, Insha Allah.”

She said that all those “black sheep’s and Indians” who are there should be boycotted socially and no contact should be made with them.

She said that the upcoming panchayat election is also a test of our character.


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