October 27: Kashmir Shuts To Protest The Landing of Indian Army in Valley



In picture, Indian Army landing in Srinagar Airport.
In picture, Indian Army landing in Srinagar Airport.

While army is celebrating its infantry day, Kashmir is observing shutdown on separatists’ call Tuesday against the landing of army on this day in 1947.

While major trade activities remain crippled around valley, the usual rush of transport is off the roads.

It is pertinent to mention here that on this day in 1947, Delhi airlifted its forces to Srinagar after the last monarch of Kashmir, Maharaja Hari Singh “singed the conditional Instrument of Accession” with India.

“On this day, Indian forces landed in valley against the wishes of Kashmiris,” separatists maintain. It is for this reason that separatist camp – fighting for the rights to self determination of Kashmiris – observe October 27 as “Black Day”.


  1. For over a thousand years the indians had no self determination. They were opressed by the traitrous Monarch. Hari Singh These kashmiri Separatists should first free tthe POK which was illegally occupied, There are no elections held in POK and these people are treated as Third class citizens. Next they should get the Akai Chin back from China.
    All these years what has the Hurriyat and these so called separatist have done for the betterment of Kashmir except Pocket the Money and send their children to English medium Schoo


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