Omar Abdullah

that as the state continues to handle the public protests highhandedly, but Abdullah’s words are giving a feel of his new realisation.
In an interview with the Times of India, Abdullah said that he should have shown “better judgment while answering” the questions in his press conference where he ruled out rape and murder of two women, only to be embarrassed by later revelations.
“We learn from our experience. I have also learnt. It’s a case study for me to understand how if not handled right, an ordinary crime may become an issue in Kashmir.”
Abdullah admitted that his government’s initial reaction left much to be desired. And that the agitation many have been avoided by proper handling of the situation. Though he lamented the losses due to the agitation he called it “justified”. Agitations such as these are expressions of political protest, he said, and should be seen differently from militancy.
But more than the government’s reaction Omar wants to set the record straight by probing the details of how the administration reacted to Shopain incident and how the information was collected and made available to him.


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