Omar Abdullah

Omar Abdullah
Omar Abdullah

It’s over twenty days that Jammu and Kashmir is sans a public government. And who can be happier than Essex-born Omar Abdullah, the former CM of J&K, who seems to have a gala time as opposition leader in governor-ruled state.

It was in treasury benches that Omar’s hair turned grey but now the tech savvy unionist politician is more seen poking Peoples Democratic Party for their failure to formalize the coalition with Hindu nationalist BJP than ever before. While sitting on the other side of the fence sans wearing that uneasy crown, Omar is grilling his political archrival—that seem to be caught in Hamlet’s dilemma: to be, or not to be

While that remains a question, Omar is playing his choicest political strokes. In and outside the state legislature, Omar has been playing a good opposition—and these days people hardly miss any of his tweets putting PDP in tight spot.

A two-time MLA, Omar headed state government since 2009 before leaving seat for PDP patron late Mufti Sayeed in 2014.

The day when Mufti closed his eyes, doom fell on North Pole-South Pole coalition. And with that, Omar’s good days seemingly sprang up. He was upright since the day PDP joined hands with BJP to form state government. He was the first to offer outside support to PDP advising late Mufti against going with BJP.

As Governor’s rule seems to be in vogue for some time more, Omar pinched PDP asking them why they are scared of continuing their alliance with BJP. On the other hand, PDP has been saying that Agenda of Alliance is sacred book for them, however, there is no formal talk on forming the government.

Just as Omar’s dad and former CM Dr Abdullah landed in Jammu after his London trip, he was excited to announce that they will think if they are shown an Olive Branch by right wing BJP. But back home, his son, Omar did the firefighting. There is nothing like that, he tried to set the records straight before hastened to add: NC core group has decided not to align with the BJP. But then, why is that ace cartoonist audaciously scribbling: Why can’t the father-son sleep? Millions dollar question this!

-Riyaz Ul Khaliq 


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