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Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah after the completion of two-day visit of flood affect areas, Friday afternoon approved Rs. 87.45 crore for the relief and restoration measures in flood-hit areas. Of this Rs. 77.50 crore would be for the restoration of public infrastructure while Rs. 9.95 crores have been earmarked for private property losses.

The Chief Minister while giving directions for completion of restoration of public infrastructure in a timeline manner asked the Administrative Secretaries to convey it down the lines emphatically so that works are completed in a time bound manner. He also gave directions for smooth and fast disbursement of compensation to the affected families. He said the assessment for crop and land losses should be finalized speedily so that affected people get compensation in accordance with the set procedures and as per the provisions of law.

In response to the demand projected by the Housing Minister, Raman Bhalla regarding the funds for restoration of Bahu Fort, the Chief Minister said that the restoration of this important heritage place should be flagged as a priority concern. He said the assessment and other details are being assessed and reported by ASI. “Soon the report in this regard is received from ASI a project for comprehensive restoration of the Fort should be mooted for implementation”, he said and underlined this as an important issue.

In a PowerPoint presentation the Commissioner Secretary Revenue, Vinod Koul gave full detailed of loss of human lives, public infrastructure and private property in the devastating floods in Jammu and Kashmir in the month of August.

Koul said that as per the preliminary damage reports, as many as 31 human lives have been lost in the floods while 22 received injuries. He said more than 5,600 pacca and kachha houses got damaged fully or partially in the floods while crop loss has taken place on 1,738 hectares. He said the total losses have been estimated at about Rs. 140 crores in both the Divisions of the State.


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