SRINAGAR: Vice President Jammu and Kashmir National Conference (JJKNC), Omar Abdullah, urged citizens to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections in large numbers to convey their rejection of the Government of India’s actions on August 5, 2019.

He made these remarks while speaking at a commemorative event held on Monday in memory of the late senior leader and former Legislative Assembly Speaker, Wali Muhammad Itoo, at Damhal Hanjipura.

Abdullah emphasised that the upcoming elections present an opportunity for the people to express their discontent with the actions of August 5, where their unique identity, flag, and constitution were forcibly taken away. He urged citizens to seize this opportunity to demonstrate their refusal to accept such actions and to fight for the restoration of their rights. He also highlighted the importance of these elections in securing a better future for the region’s children and preserving its natural resources.

Referring to the parliamentary elections as semi-finals, Abdullah stated that robust participation would set the stage for the assembly elections. He criticised the local administration for obstructing the assembly elections and called for greater accountability in governance.

Abdullah also criticised the BJP and its allies for attempting to divide the people and urged the residents of South Kashmir to come out in large numbers on polling day to dispel misconceptions about voter apathy in the region.

The gathering also paid tribute to Shaheed Advocate Wali Muhammad Itoo on his 30th death anniversary, highlighting his significant contributions to public service.


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