Omar Keen To Listen On E-Mail

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Chief Minister Omar Abdullah who is unlikely to resign has decided to fight back and return with improved tallies. In his series of twitter messages, Omar is seeking responses from people.

“.. [email protected] is my email. I’d like to hear from you as to the reasons for the enormous setback NC has faced in these elections,” Omar write on twitter last night. “I’ve started the process of introspection & am listening to voices within the party but I need to hear from people other than colleagues.”

Omar added in another message: “I want to learn, I need to learn. I’d like to try & make amends. I’ll give it my best shot & I’d rather fail trying than not try at all..”

In his messages, Omar declared that his party would stage a strong and historic comeback by coming up to expectations of the people. “We have always survived and sustained. We have bled on our flag and never allowed it to fade. From here, we will script a historic comeback,” he wrote in another message. “Today we acknowledge your grievances and now we will rise to your expectations. We are humbled by your verdict. This is as good a place to start learning and embarking on a new journey. We will learn. We will grow.”

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