Omar Prays For Peace, Well-Being Of Mankind On Jumat-ul-Vida

KL Report


Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah in his message on the eve of Jumat-ul-Vida has highlighted the significance of the day for Muslims observing fast and controlling human instincts to please Allah and seek his forgiveness and blessings.

Omar said that Jumat-ul-Vida is the occasion of expressing gratitude to Almighty for his unabated munificence, blessings and benevolence showered on the mankind. “This is the day for the fast observing people to thank Allah for giving them courage and determination to conquer thirst, hunger, anger, emotion and repulse influences of evils, and be kind to all showing special attention to the needy and poor”, he said adding that the day is for observing special prayers for peace and prosperity for entire humanity.

The Chief Minister prayed for peace and prosperity of the State and the country and well-being of the people and wished Jumat-ul-Vida to be harbinger of peace in the world.




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