Omar questions Congress, PM’s silence on attacks against Kashmiris

by Mir Suneem


Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and National Conference (NC) Vice-President, Omar Abdullah said that the atrocities on students outside Kashmir will result in further alienation of the youth.

NC Vice President Omar Abdullah along with other senior leaders. KL Image

While addressing a Press Conference in Srinagar on Thursday, Omar condemned the attempts of some hate elements of India to isolate Kashmiris by announcing an economic boycott and targeting students and other Kashmiris in various parts of India.

“The unending harassment of our boys and girls outside Kashmir is a matter of grave concern and seems like a part of a well thought of propaganda to target Kashmiris,” Omar said.

He said the way Kashmiris are being threatened to leave India, signboards placed outside hotels that read “Kashmiris not allowed to stay”, students being expelled from colleges and traders and businessmen being beaten in various parts of India by local goons is not acceptable.

“The way some government officials freely talk about isolating Kashmir is gruesome and the venomous silence of Prime Minister in this matter is questionable. This behaviour compels people to think if the two nation theory was right,” he said.

Omar cited Meghalaya governor’s tweet calling for a boycott of “everything Kashmiri” and claimed that Kashmiris are being alienated. “No one spoke of an economic boycott of Chhattisgarh when incidents targeting forces took place there. Will we be punished for being a Muslim majority state?” he pointed out.

He said if something like Pulwama attack happens in some other part of the country, the people of that region are not subjected to such kind of treatment as the Kashmiris suffer.

He mentioned that the NC has always wanted a dialogue to resolve the Kashmir issue. “When Kashmiris pitch for dialogue, they are labelled anti-national and Pakistani but yesterday during a joint meeting with Saudi Arabia, India commits for composite dialogue,” said Omar.

“It would be unfortunate if Prime Minister sacrifices the dignity of the nation for the upcoming elections. We need a statesman instead of a politician,” he said.

“Our PM has talked about a ‘muh tod jawab’ but such a reply is not possible in the current situation as the Pakistan PM has also stated that they would not think of but retaliate if any attack is launched by India,” Abdullah said.

He also hits out at other political parties especially the biggest opposition party of India for their reticence in the issue and not saying anything against the atrocities on Kashmiris.

“We were expecting some words of sympathy and moral support from Congress but it was disappointing on their part that they didn’t utter a single word in the issue,” he said.

However, Omar expressed his gratitude to the people including the Chief Minister of Punjab, Kolkata and the Sikh Community who helped the Kashmiris in distress and provided them with great support.

He urged the Governor of State, Satya Pal Malik to ensure the safety and security of Kashmiris outside Kashmir and ascertain that temporary arrangements are made in Kashmir colleges and Universities for Kashmiri students who were forced to leave their colleges and return home.

Commenting on the withdrawal of security to mainstream political workers, he said it will only weaken the political activity in the valley and the governor should revisit the decision.

Earlier, Omar also took to his twitter handle and wrote “Withdrawal of security to mainstream political workers & office bearers is a retrograde step that will only weaken political activity in the valley. This is regardless of the fact that no one from @JKNC_ has had their security withdrawn in yesterday’s list.”

“I would like to encourage @jandkgovernor to reconsider this step. If it is not revisited we will approach the courts & ask them to intervene.”

He said the withdrawal of security is a hugely regressive step and he will move to court if the decision is not revisited.

“I have no doubt this step was taken without taking in to consideration inputs from central & state intelligence agencies which can only mean it’s been done for political purposes & there is an element of pick & choose at play here,” Omar tweeted.


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