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CM-31Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah Saturday describes politics of Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) as Pandora box containing nothing but false promises, slogans, hoax, emotional blackmailing.

Addressing a public gathering at Pattan in Baramulla District of North Kashmir, Omar said that PDP’s tall claims have always fallen flat and people have understood its dubious characteristic.

The Chief Minister pooh-poohed the utterance of PDP leadership asking for 40 Assembly seats to solve the Kashmir issue. He challenged PDP by announcing the support of his 28 Assembly Members and asking it to come forward with a categorical solution to the Kashmir issue.

“You have 21 Assembly Members. I will provide you the support of my 28 Assembly Members. You will have 50 seats with you. Let you come forward with a certain and categorical solution to Kashmir issue”, he told PDP adding that he is ready to relinquish the office in this regard.

“What a lie you are telling to people? People have understood your only agenda of grabbing power by hook or crook. The public is wiser enough to be led astray by you time and again”, he told PDP leadership and added that the leadership of PDP should read the writing on the wall written by the masses for writing this party off from the political arena of Jammu and Kashmir for this Party’s deceptive politics, brazen lies and vested interests.

“PDP has lost ground under his feet so it tries to raise new slogans and makes false promises to attract public attention. The ground below your feet is sinking and you believe to fool the people again and again. Not at all”, he lamented and maintained that the 60 year old Kashmir issue could not be solved by the long struggle spearheaded by Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah. “It could not be solved by the four wars fought by India and Pakistan. It could not be solved by 25 years of militancy and disturbance. It could not be solved through summits and dialogues”, he said and ridiculed PDP Patron’s (Mufti Mohammad Sayed) statement demanding 40 Assembly seats in next election to resolve Kashmir issue in a twinkle of eye.

Strongly criticizing the PDP Patron (Mufti Mohammad Sayed) without naming him for his statement that Pakistan has no role in Kashmir issue, the Chief Minister said that the role of Pakistan has been established in Kashmir issue in Shimla Agreement, Lahore and Agra Summits. He asked Mufti Sayed how Mr. Sayed has forgotten the history and political geneses of Kashmir issue. “You were once talking of double currency. What is this new tone? Are you doing it to appease New Delhi”, he questioned PDP patron.

Omar emphasized the need for sustained dialogue between India and Pakistan to address Kashmir issue. He said the leaders of the two countries should talk and talk in right direction and perspective to resolve this issue once for all. “We want to tell our children that Kashmir issue no longer exists and peace and development has taken the permanent place in the State”, he said and stressed on the resumption of dialogue between India and Pakistan.




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