Omar Sees A Pattern in Gurdaspur Attack



Omar Abdullah

Hours after Punjab’s Gurdaspur was stormed by militants, the former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir saw a pattern in the attack similar to one that hit border area of Jammu last year.

Omar Abdullah vented his views on twitter: “Will be very interested to see what emerges about the identity of the terrorists involved in the Gurdaspur attack this morning.”

The timing of the attack, methodology and location, he wrote, are all eerily similar to attacks in the border belt of Jammu.

Notably, militants went on attacking a bus, a health centre and a police station in Gurdaspur area of Punjab early Monday morning.

Among the five holed up militants, one was reportedly killed while the rest have still kept army and police on toes.

Early militants in army fatigue reportedly crossed the border at Hiranagar in Jammu and entered Punjab in a white Maruti 800 they hijacked.


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