Omar suggests modification in AFSPA

KL Desk


 Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah on Monday suggested modification of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) that gives impunity to the armed forces.

“I am the first person to say what happened in Bemina (eight soldiers killed by militants) and what happened subsequently in Bandipore (army shot dead two youths) strengthen arguments for and against the revocation of AFSPA. Therefore it is important to find some common meeting ground between the two completely opposite points of view,” Omar said in an interview.

If revocation was not acceptable to the Centre, modification should be looked at, he said about AFSPA that was made applicable to the state 23 years ago and is a major political issue in the run up to the Assembly polls due by November 2014.

Omar, who has not succeeded in persuading the Centre to revoke AFSPA even from parts of the State that are relatively peaceful, said that incidents in the Valley had lent credence to arguments for and against its revocation.( AGENCIES)


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