Omar tweets in Sakina’s support; terms video obsolete

KL Report


Coming out in defence of senior NC leader and a cabinet minister Sakina Itoo over the controversy that erupted after the video showing Itoo compelling an old me to support her, Chief Minster Omar Abdullah Sunday stated that the video is obsolete and shot before the Code of Conduct was imposed in the state.

In a video clip, Itoo and her workers are seen forcing the old man in, the 3.11 minutes video, to take oath and swear by Allah and the Prophet (PBUH) and promise that he will support National Conference.

Opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party had registered complain against the state’s lone woman minister- urging the election commission to take action against her.

Chief Minster Omar Abdullah Monday took to social networking site, twitter, writing, “I know the PDP is in complete panic mode but using old videos & trying to mislead the EC about code violations is desperate beyond words.”

“Recite Kalima Toiba and take holy Quran in your hands, swear that you will support Sakina Itoo,” one of the workers not in picture directs the old man, which he repeatedly refuses.

The video that surfaced on Facebook in the recent past showed one of the Itoo’s workers not in picture requesting the old man to do work for the party as he did in 1996. He asks the old man to take holy Quran in his hands and swear that he will work for the party to which old man replies that Holy Quran is meant for recitation and not for swearing.

After getting his answer, Itoo retorts back and supports the arguments of her worker and tells the old man that he deviated from the right path.

“Recite the Kalima Toiba and take pledge that you will support me,” Itoo repeatedly asks the old man and while holding his hand again and again tells him that she has no malice in her heart against him.

“She is trying to convince an old worker of her father to come back & work for the party as he had been upset for a while.. I’ve spoken to Sakina, this video was taken months before the election code. She isn’t threatening anyone, she isn’t abusing anyone,” Omar wrote on Twitter.


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