Omar Vows To Eradicate Political Corruption From J&K

KL Report


Taking tough stand against political corruption in the state, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has vowed that he would make it sure that whosoever is involved in corruption won’t be spared.

In an interview to KNS recently, Omar said, “We can form institutions and laws to eradicate corruption. But it’s people who have to use them. We constituted Accountability Commission (AC) and Vigilance Commission and posted competent people to run these institutions. We passed Public Services Guarantee Act (PSGA) and Right to Information (RTI) Act to bring transparency in the functioning of the government. Whatever we could do to eradicate corruption we have done that.”

He said that people should approach these institutions if somebody is demanding bribe from them.

Asked that AC chairman Justice (Retd) Nargotra had apprehended that he may have to face political pressures while dealing with high profile corruption cases, Omar said, “I request him (Nargotra) through your interview he should come and say who tried to influence him and should expose them. He should tell who are the people who influence him. I have never influenced anybody in the last 4 and half years to save anybody from corruption charges.”

“If Justice Nargotra sahib has any political pressures, I request him that he should expose them and tell who tried to influence him. If the person who tries to influence him is from my party I will throw him out. If he is from Congress I will talk to Congress high command and make it sure he is punished,” he vowed.

“Whatever cases were received by my office I have disposed them. There isn’t even a single case related to corruption pending in my office. I had to dispose several cases which were pending when I took over. I approved the all,” the Chief Minister told KNS.


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