Omar wasted 6 years of J&K: Mufti

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) patron, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Friday said that in view of the unmistakable wave of anger against the National Conference led coalition in the state the government narrative has become more incoherent, unconvincing and at times comic than it has been in the past five years.

Addressing a function organized in connection with the support offered by Janata Dal (United), Jammu unit to the party’s parliamentary candidate for Jammu, Yaspal Sharma, Mufti said, “now it is clear that there is a wave of anger against the ruling coalition in the state, the government has gone into panic and the chief minister is making announcements that he has not been able to fulfill in five-and-a-half years but pledges to implement in the remaining five months of his term.”

Instead of making fresh announcements the chief minster should have been giving the report card of his achievements. “His inability to give an account of his performance is understandable as this government has only scams, scandals, misgovernance and corruption to its credit,” he said added Omar Abdullah has wasted six years of Jammu & Kashmir.

Referring to Chief Minister’s latest announcements about the grant of Social Tribe (ST) status to the Pahari population of the state, Mufti said making such a pledge at the last leg of his term in an offence to the sensibilities of the people of the state.

He said the ‘revelation’ made by the chief minister about his ‘resignation’ against Gujarat riots after 12 long years is aimed at befooling the people who have genuinely been asking the NC questions about its political conduct and opportunistic politics.

He said Omar Abdullah had many occasions even during his tenure as chief minister for tendering resignation as he presided over one of the darkest phases of the state’s history.

He said the chief minister could have offered to resign in 2009 in the wake of Shopian double rape and murder case; in 2010, when hundreds of youth were gunned down by his forces. He had all the reasons to resign when the Haji scandal involving his death and the monetary transactions in the ruling family surfaced.

Omar Abdullah could have resigned in protest against the manner in which Afzal Guroo was hanged out of turn even without allowing his family to meet him. “By recalling an imaginary resignation more than a decade back Omar Abdullah is bringing only into sharper focus the unprincipled politics that NC has been pursuing at tremendous cost of the state.

He said if NC had any conscience left they could had easily walked out of Vajpayee government as Ram Vilas Paswan did it at that time, but they preferred to stick to chair, which has always been dear to them.

Terming the ruling government an utter failure which has not been able to fulfill a single promise it had made to people before coming to power Mufti said now at the end of its tenure it is making phony announcements in an attempt to hoodwink people.

He said the most unfortunate tragedy of the National Conference, Congress alliance in the state has been that it was not able to frame a basic Common Minimum Programme (CMP) before taking the reins of government which otherwise is necessary for any alliance to have it so that it becomes easy to understand its vision for people.

Mufti said the NC-led government is visionless and non- serious in its approach and that is why it has not been able to work for the benefit of people, state over the last five years and its failures are loud and clear when one looks at the ‘Vision Document-cum Election Manifesto’ of NC it had announced during 2008 assembly elections.

Mufti said in its ‘Election Manifesto’; the NC had promised restoration of Autonomy to the state but instead of accepting its failure for not doing anything in this front over these years, the NC leadership is again raising the dead issue to befool public.

He said NC leadership had also promised to revoke draconian laws like AFSPA but it has remained limited to slogans only and when the government found itself in trouble situations like in the wake of mysterious death of Haji Yousuf at the chief minister’s residence, Omar Abdullah used it vociferously to divert the public attention.

Mufti said NC had in its ‘manifesto’ promised to form ‘Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC)’, but now when it had shelved the probe into some killings of 2010  at the hands of security forces, its seriousness about forming TRC is understandable.

He said it had made tall claims about reforms in power sector but the electricity scenario is in front of everyone and besides increasing power tariff more than five times in the last five years, electricity supplies have gone from bad to worse. The party has also failed to set up Hill Development Council for Chenab and Pir Panchal regions; Womens’ University and it didn’t resolve the unemployment problem and was not able to persuade New Delhi to enhance the 12 per cent royalty being given by the NHPC to the state, he added.


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