Omar’s statement are Juvenile Pranks: PDP

KL Desk


Terming Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s statements as juvenile pranks lacking tangible content and intellectual depth, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said that instead of indulging in histrionics and rhetoric, Omar should focus on governance as the state’s hapless inhabitants are suffering immensely because of the total governance failure in Jammu and Kashmir.

“With four years of his tenure over, we challenge Omar to show one major developmental project pioneered, executed and accomplished by this government as was done by PDP-led government in three years in the shape of new universities, new institutions, new campuses of existing universities, fly-overs, roads, bridges, tourism development authorities, parks, beautification programs and so on and so forth,” PDP president Mehbooba Mufti said in a statement issued on Saturday.

Mehbooba says the acting government has terribly failed on every count and now Omar should do a favour to the people, if he can ensure at least some respectable power supply during the remaining two winters of his tenure, reads the statement.

Mehbooba said while the power crisis had set in with the arrival of the present government in 2009, it now seems to be going from bad to worst with people in every nook and corner of the state moaning over the deteriorating electricity supply. “As this government has failed to not only take some big developmental initiatives but even fulfil meagre developmental needs of the people, we urge the functionaries of this regime for God sake at least arrange some decent power supply for the hapless people,” she said and added that it is for the first time since 2002 that power supply has worsened both in metered and non metered areas to such an appalling extent.

Mehbooba said the distressed people of the state in general and valley in particular is in worst times under the present regime with acute shortage of basic amenities including power and LPG multiplying their miseries. “We expect good sense to prevail on this government so that people can get some relief, sooner the better,” she said.


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