by Junaid shaida

Dear Pal.

Greetings of the day,

I know it will sound odd of writing an open letter to you rather than adopting so other medium in this digital era, but trust me this is the last resort I have available in the gloomy valley of death. I was waiting for a while that things will change but NO,  they have been from bad to worse. God has made my land “Paradise on Earth” as we used to discuss in college days but now Valley is as good as living hell. Life over here vegetates in the trepidation, under the shadow of the gun that has destroyed as many roses. As many tens of thousands of my innocent populace have been killed, thousands blinded and bruised. Reports of there yet again, one more killed are frequent and the tot up of killings is on. Being precise, another life was put to death for reason apparently best known to them. Our children grow up watching graveyards populate in their villages.The situation in the valley is back to square one, from where it started. Everything is silent except the guns which keep blazing all the time. Every now and then the squeaky-clean, innocent populace are put to death cold-bloodedly. I hoped spring to soothe the blood dripped and gutted populace of last summer but it turned otherwise and deep painted the miseries. The bloodbath of the summer painted every home, hamlet, town, city or market red and spring is deep brushing the same. It is tragic tales of grief that are doing rounds every now and then.Precious Lives are lost in the conflict and it bruisesone and all no matter whose bullet hit whom, and no matter on which side one stands.

An image of clashes between Government forces and students (KL Image: Bilal Bahadur)

Now that you were uptight and distressed by the video that surfaced in social networking sites showing some people hackling and abusing your jawans and you failed to identify the other sane voices depicting that they are here to discharge their duties in the same.I would like to describe the quote unquote of the much condemnable incident

Why this altogether happened?

Point 1

The background of this incident can be depicted in the context of other video that showed the shot to kill skill of your jawan. Where a jawan shot a child, I repeat A CHILD directly on his head which could had been easily evaded by the man in uniform. Eight innocent lives were choked to death on the very day. Imagine the emotional and mental psyche of the one who’s a friend or brother was one shot dead at point blank for demanding his basic human rights.He will certainly heckle the oppressor.I hardly saw any liberal Indian expressing the outrage on the eight innocent killings. You people failed to appreciate the video where the local populace formed human chain to shield your jawans for their safe passage. The much appreciated video could had boasted and created a good friendly environment. Alas! Your media houses chose hatred over love for their TRPs which certainly does alienate the populace. Your anger is justified and mine is terrorism cannot be taken board simultaneously.We need to bridge the misunderstanding that media houses create by showing only one side of the coin.

Point 2

The armed personal were here for the so called democratic process “Elections” usually discharging their duties outside the state, When 7% votes were polledthat should explain to you the perspective of the major populace of the state. The Armed personals perceive the realities of Kashmir in context to the other part of the country. But once Security personals are shifted to the Kashmir their drawing on the board is through the prism of gun. I am sure, had they been serving in Kashmir from few years the show would had be altogether different. I fail to understand why your jawans need to be rescued by facebook experts and patriots I guess they have enough laws (AFSPA & PSA) and necessary body armours and equipments. It points towards either they are very poorly trained and lack professionalism or they are highly professional who wouldn’t stoop to commit horrific violation. After all said and done they showed restrain which is creditable and need to be extolled for.

Point 3        

What do you expect from a youth who was on your side to cast his vote for the so called largest democracy, was mercilessly tried to the Army vehicle as a Human shield and paraded 10-12 kms? He was no stone pelter as records show he has voted on the same day. Isn’t it unlawful as per you law and International conventions? The nation cannot cover itself in glory by indulging in such shameful human rights violation. Will this restore the credibility and legitimacy of the Govt of India? Will this not alienate the populace?I guess New Delhi, although the situation in the valley is at non-negotiable point needs to understand that limited military intervention and more political engagement is required towards Kashmir. When innocents are killed every day, populace is bruised on daily bases, humans are used as shield, and this will add towards enhancing the conflict and let the reliability of the Govt vanish. It will certainly make the govt of the day as occupying forces.

An image of person tied on bonnet of army vehicle in Central Kashmir’s district Budgam 

I hope I had put to you the other side of the coin but then they say “When it comes to Kashmir the liberals and communals, all are same, I hope against hope that you will altogether view it in being in shoes of the oppressed.

Many Regards

I am still alive


(Author is from South Kashmir’s district Islamabad and has studied MBA, Mphil banking & finance. Ideas expressed are his own)





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