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When everybody, right from unionists to separatists demand stern punishment for the culprits who killed two youth in North Kashmir’s Sumbal area, Ghulam Qadir Leharwal is indifferent whether killers are punished or not.

He is not someone who has nothing to do with killings, but he has lost hope, the only breadwinner of his family.

Ghulam Qadir is father of one of the youth killed, Tariq Ahmad Leharwal. In Tariq, he lost a lone bread earner  of family as last year road accident snatched Qadir’s married son. With death of Tariq, he fears that he would have to beg on streets to sustain his family.

“I am too old and how can I feed my family. We are shattered and most probably we would come on streets to seek alms. It hardly matters for me whether killers would be punished or not,” he said while talking to local news agency CNS.

“I only know one thing that Tariq is no more. He was killed by Indian Army and I am finished,” Leharwal said in a chocking voice.

A class 12th student, 19 year old Tariq to feed his family used to work at a transport company in Srinagar.

A resident of Kondabal, Mansbal, Tariq  had gone to visit his friend who resided in Markundal. “He told me yesterday that he was going to visit Markundal where his friend reside but I never knew that he will never return again,”said  Leharwal.

According to sources as reported by CNS, army targeted Tariq when people in the area were protesting against the killing of youth.

Tariq was refferred to SK Institute of Medical Sciences, but could not make it, he succumbed to his injuries on the way.

“My innocent son was murdered by Indian Army and who would help me now. Army personnel killed my son who was the sole bread earner for the family. Is there anyone who could bring these killers to justice,” Qadir repeated



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