Irfan Went To Have A Look Outside, Never Returned

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As the noise of Tata Mobile broke the silence of midnight , People of Markundal, Sumbal became conscious as they thought the vehicle might be belonging to burglars. There apprehension was based on a reason that thieves were on prowl from last many weeks in the area.

“Thieves are on prowl in the area from past several weeks and as soon as we came to know about the presence of the Tata Mobile vehicle in the area, people became conscience as we thought the vehicle might be belonging to burglars,” said a resident of Markundal to CNS.

As people came out on roads, vehicle left; people went to sleep again. The calm could not last longer, noise erupted again at around 2 am.

Worried about the safety of her livestock, wife of Ghulam Nabi Ganaie, a resident of Markundal told her son, 18 year old Irfan Nabi to have a look at cow -shed, “whether out cattles are safe or not,” Irfan abided but never returned to inform about the well being of the cattles.

Irfan as his father told to CNS when opened the door, army men present outside pumped volley of bullets into his body. He died on the spot The gun shots ‘shook’ the parents of a teenager son and prompted them to come outside. The family never knew that directing their son to go out would prove a nightmare.

“We didn’t know that It would prove a nightmare for us. As soon as my 18 year old son opened the door, the Army men present outside our house fired upon him indiscriminately and he died on spot. The gun shots shook us and as we came outside,” Ghulam Nabi told CNS.

With body of their son in pool of blood, the parents of Irfan were abused and threatened.

“Army personnel hurled abuses on us and threatened us of dire consequences in case we raise hue and cry,”  Ghulam Nabi said.

Irfan who died on the spot in front of his parents had no one around to grieve. Body outside the house of their door, the helpless parents  could do nothing, in fact Ghulam Nabi  said nobody dared to come out from their houses even after hearing the gunshots as the armed men were continuously hurling abuses and raising clamor.

“Army men were yelling in air and warning that whosoever would come out from his house would be shot at. The dead body of my son was lying outside my door and we were all helpless. We could not do anything. You can’t imagine how we spent those moments,” Ghulam Nabi said.

Dawn broke the news as reports said that soon after the morning prayers, people came on roads and rushed towards Markundal.

Body of Irfan was taken and placed on  road. Protests rocked the area. Before burial of Irfan, another youth who eye witnesses claim was not part of protests was fired upon by the army. He was taken to hospital, but succumbed on his way.

The gun shots forced protesters to take cover, “what happened afterwards, no body knows that,” a resident of Markundal told CNS.


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