Our peaceful habitat converted into rubble: Geelani


Delhi and its armed forces have converted this paradise on the earth into hell, suffocating every living creature in this piece of land, this was stated by Hurriyat (g) Conference, Syed Ali Geelani, on Sunday in response to the R-Day speech of the Governor Satya Pal Malik.

Quoting Geelani, the spokesman said that Hurriyat (g) chairman said our healthy and clean environment has been polluted by the filthy and suffocating fumes of bullets, pellets and other ammunition.

“Our peaceful and happy habitat has been blown up and converted into rubble by forces,” the spokesman quoted Geelani in a statement as having said.

The spokesman in a statement quoted Geelani as having said, “Delhi very deceitfully and cunningly forced their army in this unfortunate land seven decades ago and since then we are struggling to free ourselves from this resulting in lakhs of innocent killings, thousands of unmarked graves and hundreds of graveyards.”

“Even today our youth are killed, maimed, blinded and arrested. Our women folk are molested and raped,” said Geelani.

He said that only remedy for all the ills is to adopt a realistic approach to address the root cause, in accordance with the aspiration of this majority of this population, which only can guarantee peace and harmony in this region, otherwise, this deceitful lip service has no takers here.

Meanwhile while paying rich tributes to the militants killed in Khanmoh Srinagar encounter said that every religious or national occasion of India carries a bag worries for us, in the shape of repeated frisking, arrests, nocturnal raids, cyber curbs and cordon and search operations. Delhi celebrates its festive with the innocent blood of Kashmiris.

He said that administrative representative of Delhi pretends to be hurt by the daily bloodshed, but at the same time joins the chorus of celebrations on these “unabated spree of killings” and takes lead to congratulate armed “braves” – to have eliminated a good number of Kashmiris.

He said that if we fail to introspect and continue to be befooled by the deceitful hallow slogans of development and prosperity—we have no moral or legal right to participate in large numbers in the funerals of our brave hearts.

“These political vultures every time come up with a new and deceitful slogan and we as a nation repeatedly fall prey to their cunning narratives, but at what cost and for how long,” the spokesman in a statement quoted Geelani as having said.


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