Outside House, speaker again calls Rohingyas security threat


Hours after expunging his remarks blaming Rohingyas for the attack on army camp inside legislative assembly, the Speaker of the House Kavinder Gupta on Saturday called the refugee as a security threat.

Kavinder Gupta
Kavinder Gupta

“I have said this before that Bangladeshi and Rohingiyas are putting up close to the army camp. Our opponents say as per Article 370 no one should come from outside the state. This is a security threat for us. Many of cases have surfaced that they have even got Adhar, ration cards here and if you go through police records they are involved in sex rackets and drugs,” Gupta told reporters. “Keeping in view these circumstances, the needle of suspicion is on them.”

Asked about the future course of action on these refugees, the Speaker said: “Security threat must be addressed.”

The government, he said, has already made a statement calling for action against these refugees. “Who settled them and government have to definitely think about it. In the coming time these people will become a security threat for us,” he added.


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