Over Rs 3 Million Swindled in CAPD Deptt, Probe Reviewed



Stressing for devising an action plan for completing investigations, enquires and verifications in a time bound manner, the State Vigilance Commission Monday asked the officers of Vigilance Organization (VO) to monitor the progress of these cases regularly so that the persons involved are punished.

The direction was issued at a meeting held under the chair of Chief Vigilance Commissioner in Jammu today. The meeting was convened to review the progress of various FIR cases, verifications and preliminary enquires being investigated by Udhampur-Doda branch of Vigilance Organization, a statement issued by SVC said.

Various cases viz embezzlement of Government funds in Rural Development Department, manipulation of revenue records, bungling in CA&PD department and misappropriation of funds in R&B department etc came up for discussion in the meeting.

Briefing about the status of various FIR cases, enquiries and verifications, the Director Vigilance informed the Commission that some cases have been submitted to Central office of the organisation by the branch SSP while in other cases he sought more time for concluding investigation/enquires.

Underlining need for inter-departmental coordination, the Commission directed the officers of Vigilance Organization to expedite the investigation in all the cases so that perpetrators are booked and punished early under law.

Regarding status of embezzlement case in CA&PD department, the Commission was informed that the organization has registered FIR under No 21/2015 PS VOJ against Bankey Ram and others, who allegedly in league with other officials had drawn and misappropriated excess amount of Rs 36,89,191.07 on account of loading and unloading carriage charges of excess quota of ration shown issued to the dealers thereby causing wrongful gain to themselves and loss to the State.

The case was registered against Bankey Ram, Parshotam Lal (Kumar) both then storekeepers and Kuldeep Mohan then TSO CA&PD department Udhampur and the investigation was taken up with promptitude, however, the investigation has been stayed by the Hon’ble High Court in a case titled Bankey Ram v/s State and others, the statement added.

Emphasising on early completion of investigation, the Commission said that the Investigating Officers (IOs) should utilize the powers vested upon them under Code of Criminal Procedure for taking the matter to its logical conclusion. The Commission said that IOs can have the legal proceedings initiated against those officers, who are not cooperating in completion of investigations.


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