Pak PM’s UN Speech: ‘4-Point Peace Formula’ a Continuity of Musharraf Plan, says Bakhshi



The Islamic Students League (ISL) patron Shakeel Ahmed Saturday said the “Four Point Peace Formula” tabled by Pakistan PM, Mian Nawaz Sharief, in the United Nations seem just a “continuity of Musharraf “Four Point Formula”. “Hence it seems a calculated move to sell it to the subjugated people of Jammu Kashmir and make same acceptable to different constituencies,” an ISL statement said.

Shakeel said, “though the renewed pro-active posturing of Pakistan viz-a-viz Kashmir is a good step but claims of being firm on principled stand and presenting contradictory suggestions in same breathe only adds confusion and miseries of sufferings of pro-freedom people of Jammu Kashmir.”

Shakeel Bakhshi further said, “keeping in the view the great struggle and huge sacrifices for the sacred cause of freedom, pro-freedom leadership should remain cautious while supporting or opposing such initiatives. We should stuck and remain steadfast on our basic goal of complete Independence and should not immaturely or maturely become party for the maintenance of status quo.”

Shakeel in his statement added, “instead of suggesting making efforts of demilitarisation, we should work for complete withdrawal of occupational forces. Instead of thinking of securing LoC/CFL, the ‘Berlin Wall’ turned ‘Barbide Wall, dividing thousands of families, we should work for elimination of the same so thousands of forcibly divided families could meet in a free environment.”

“Instead of unhabitated Siachen we should think of population of 15 km curfewed border ‘Security Belt’, who are facing immense brutalities since decades. UN observers instead of devote their time to visit border ‘Lines’ should keep mandate of their higher body, its Charter, traditions, and passed proceedings, should bring uniformed perpetrators to justice,” Bakhshi said.


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