Pakistan, India Number 2 in Kashmir Dispute: Jama’at

KL Report


Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir Thursday termed the statement of Ministry of External Affairs of India in which it had said, “the issue of J&K has only two stakeholders”, as “unrealistic”.

A statement from the largest socio-politico organisation of J&K said, “Jama’at-e-Islami J&K makes it amply clear that the Kashmiri people form the basic party to the dispute and other two stakeholders as such have secondary status”.

Jama’at said that these two parties (Pakistan & India) cannot take any final decision regarding the issue unless it is acceptable to the people of J&K and it represents their real aspirations.

“For knowing the aspirations of the people concerned and their acceptability by them, their inclusion in any kind of negotiations and deliberations regarding the final settlement to the dispute is indispensable,” the statement read adding, “Without the active participation of the basic party, such deliberations will prove fruitless as happened in the past.”

Jama’at questioned Indian establishment asking it, “What it wants to achieve by ignoring the real party to the dispute?”

“How can be justice done without hearing the basic party whose political fate is to be settled? What wrong is there in case if Kashmiris are allowed to remain present in such talks and plead their case themselves?”

Jama’at said that this way is the “most viable and acceptable way for reaching a just and final conclusion but the Indian establishment is avoiding the same which looks very amazing and strange” because ignoring Kashmiris means ignoring their aspirations and such process will lead to nowhere.

Reiterating its stand viz-a-viz the Kashmir issue, Jama’at said that its real and lasting solution lies in honouring the aspirations of the people concerned.

“We stress upon both the governments of India and Pakistan to start the tripartite talks without losing any further time and include the basic party in these deliberations for seeking a suitable, just and acceptable solution to this long standing issue, according to the aspirations of the Kashmiri people,” the statement appealed.


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