Pakistan’s mission is to be voice of Kashmiri’s at United Nations, says Maleeha Lodhi



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The Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi remarked on Saturday that Pakistan’s mission is to be the voice of Kashmiri people at the United Nations, said a report published in Geo News.

Geo News quoted Lodhi’s remarks saying: “We are the voice of the Kashmiri people in UN and are fighting their case [at an international level].”

Lodhi asserted that India has crossed all limits in Jammu and Kashmir, she said: “They [Indian troops] even fire on funerals and have injured countless children.” Lodhi was quoted saying.

The recent wave of anger and resistance in Kashmir has been unprecedented and will bear fruit, she added.

She shared that the United Nations Secretary-General has also shown concern over the issue. “This concern should be converted into decisive action. The right of the Kashmiri people to self-determination should be granted to them.”

Earlier in the day, Pakistan’s delegation had observed solidarity day with the people  Jammu and Kashmir.


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